43Educational programmes

Universities offer you a complete portfolio of educational programmes and it depends only on you which type and area you will choose. We are ready to create an educational portfolio according to your requirements so that it can fulfil your expectations in the best possible way.

  • Master study

The Master Study is an exceptional method of education which is a combination of seminars, excursions and practical trainings directly in the shop floors of your companies. You will implement the methods studied already during the training in your company and the result will be better than expected.

  • Entrepreneurial University

The benefit of this training is definitely the linkage of theory and practice, a lot of interesting examples from all over the world.

  • Compact Education

Practical manuals and methodological brochures how to innovate products, services and entrepreneurial systems will you receive during the programme. Examples from practice and their solutions – experienced and skilled practitioners will lead you.

  • Company Education

In case you prefer closer collaboration in the area of education bringing tangible benefits make use of our offer of the company education. In this form of training only your employees create the study group (maximally 12 participants) and the training is adapted to your conditions and in advance agreed topics, scenarios, venue, targets and outputs.

During the trainings we do our best to utilise your real environment where the education takes place. It can be e.g. the shop floor, workplace or office. During the training we solve particular problems – here the participants achieve practical skills and instructions how to solve similar problems in the future.

Laboratories, Seminars, Inventions, Conferences – some examples

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