5-1By bringing the University and Industry together through research and development (R&D) collaborations,

  • we accelerate and strengthen the process of technology transfer and
  • the introduction of new products, services, and businesses
  • while providing challenges and a real-world experience to students.

The purpose of this module is to show to the SMEs some important benefits of collaboration with HEIs.

  • Linking SMEs with the best experts from HEIs (professors, students)
  • Explore the possibilities to introduce the research into the market
  • Chance to demonstrate the practical application of research works
  • Show how this relation can increase the opportunities for research publication.


41By the end of this MODULE, you will understand

  • How to select an intermediary organization in order to collaborate with HEIs
  • What people/equipment/resources are available within HEIs
  • Collaboration Plan between HEIs and SMEs
  • How to make contact
  • How to sign the agreement between HEIs and SMEs