Finding help when applying to Horizon 2020 is easy to access. Below are some of the most convenient channels of communication and guidance to taking those first steps to applying.

InterTrade Ireland

InterTrade Ireland is a Cross-Border Trade and Business Development Body funded by the Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment (DETI) and the Department of Jobs Enterprise and Innovation in Ireland (DJEI). They focus on working with SME’s and Manufacturing & Tradable Services Companies in order to help them avail of and create opportunities.

They provide expert advisory services in application process to Horizon 2020. Their expert services is delivered through holding events and conferences, helping SME’s find partners, supplying advisory tips and guidance to proposal writing and much more.

Horizon 2020 UK

Horizon 2020 UK gives first hand information on everything related to applying and understanding the H2020 funding scheme. It outlines details in an easy to follow navigations throughout the website and they provide you with all of the relevant contacts to get first hand expert advice and guidance. The Horizon 2020 UK website is run directly by government officials and has completely replicable up to date information surrounding the Horizon 2020.

Horizon 2020 NI

This is the local contact for SME’s in Northern Ireland. It provides knowledge surrounding all aspects of Horizon 2020 and provides local contacts to turn to for guidance as well as holding local event. They are easily accessible and supportive first point of contact for entities getting involved in the Horizon 2020 scheme.