The interactive Map above illustrates SME’S across the UK who are working at the different phases within the funding process provided by the SME instrument. These real life businesses have successfully been in different parts of their applications and have been aided by the support and the funding available to specifically allow SME’s to succeed in this process.


Project Beneficiary Aperilink Ultragraphics
Project Name A-Stream Universal Mid-air haptic feedback
Project Description Topologically dynamic scaled out data centre networks for energy efficiency and management Ultrahaptics has developed a unique technology that enables users to receive tactile feedback without needing to wear or touch anything
Location Dublin, Ireland Bristol, UK
Phase Phase 1 (2015) Phase 2 (2015)
EU Contribution 50,000 euros 1.43million euros
  • The table below outlines two local projects that have been funded through the SME instrument. These projects are different stages in the cycle. Aperilink are at the proof of concept stage (phase 1) which grants 50,000 euro to explore the scientific or technical feasibility and commercial potential of new ideas. Ultragraphics are at the development and demonstration stage (phase 2) in which they have received 1.43 million euro to work on furthering their ground-breaking business idea in order to turn it into a market-ready product.