• 4-3Europe is keen to harness the potential SME’s could provide in terms of innovation and creativity; as such there are several funding routes to encourage SME participation in H2020.
  • There are three main areas of funding opportunity available for SME’s. We recommend that SMEs should firstly consider the Eurostars Programme, then the “SME instrument” and finally mainstream Horizon 2020 funding.
  • With each of these channels come a different set of regulations and criteria that should influence which channel you pursue to secure funding for your project.
  • Figure 1 above demonstrates the break-down of the funding available from each pillar. Mainstream H2020 carries the largest pool of money as represented by the circles encapsulating the 3 core pillars. The Eurostars Programme has the smallest available pool, however access to the funding is less complex. Finally the SME instrument provides a medium sized funding pool and is a good intermediate channel for SME’s to pursue.