m4-04Who can participate in Horizon 2020?

Horizon 2020 Is a programme designed for all types of organisations such as large companies, Small to medium sized enterprises, charities, medical and academic institutions as well as public bodies. A successful proposal to the Horizon 2020 programme consists of developing organizational partnerships across these different sectors in order to deliver an innovative idea that is relevant to one of the core pillars. Below highlights the statistical feedback from previous Horizon 2020 proposals:

  • A total of 36 732 eligible proposals were submitted under Horizon 2020’s first 100 calls, breaking down as follows:
    • 29 794 full proposals in single-stage calls
    • 5 617 outline proposals in the first stage of the two-stage calls
    • 1 321 full proposals in the second stage of the two-stage calls
  • 38% of successful applicants were newcomers (compared to 13% in 2013, the last year of FP7), of which 1 100 were SMEs.
  • The 20% budget target for SMEs has been achieved.