Protect your business from technological competition

  • The game changing competition comes not only from other organisations producing better products and lower costs, but from new reveloutionary ways of acheiving better outcomes
  • Example: theeffect of the digital camera technology on the celluloid film market

Develop a winning strategy for your organisation

  • It is said that half of a technology companys revenue in five years time will be from somthing they know nothing about today.
  • Company’s who wish to survive and grwo will always strive to be at the leading edge of technology

An opportunity to work with world class partners

  • Horison 2020 is a levelling low risk platform that allows oragisations of all sizes and types to work together on a more or less even playinf field, under a common contract with the EU commissioner

Grow your business with expansion into Europe

  • Most of the Horizon 2020 programmes involve collaboration in a consortium with others across Europs
  • Your partners are often your potential customers. You get to work with potenital cusomters and get paid by the EU commission to do it

Develop staff competences

  • Organisations with highly competent staff members are more likely to be respected in the market and to succeed
  • Working with the best in Europe raises the competence level of all who are involved

Drive innovation

  • Innovation rarely comes from sitting in a room trying to think of a great idea.
  • It sometimes happens, but it is more likely if your organisation can work with others and learn new thinking

De-risk New Product Development

  • New leading edge technology is always risjy and Horizon 2020 is a way of funding that risk without having to give up equity or incurring huge borrowing