m3-016So, every collaborator is different. Each one of them has been on a personal journey but all will have taken a set of simple steps in common – in the way that while the content of every novel is different, all nevertheless will have a beginning, a middle and an end, so it is with ‘journeys of collaboration’. Those that travel that journey begin with a set of personal circumstances and motives. They think creatively about their circumstances and how they might change them and the world around them, they seek out opportunities to do so and they go searching for people who can help them. We call the importance of personal make-up the ‘inner–world’. Residing in many people is an ‘inner innovator’ which in the right circumstances (especially when collaborating with others) can be unlocked.

The decisions that lead to a collaboration are the product of push and pull factors – necessity (a lack of technical expertise or understanding of how to sell, for example) and opportunity (the offer of a franchise, or a windfall of cash, for example). This mix of push and pull factors varies from person to person. Some collaborators are almost entirely driven by necessity, so much so that rather than responding to opportunity they recognise their needs early on and set out to work with others to create new opportunity to innovate.

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