32aSource: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

Since both universities and businesses tend to have complex internal systems, it is important that the partnership structure is devised by a person who understands both sides. Additionally, it is important for the structure to be known to and confirmed by actors involved, so that it actually depicts the most efficient way to accomplish the project goals, as well as incorporates appropriate incentive systems.
To successfully complete UBC Projects, it is highly important to plan and manage them professionally in the first place. Structured process and innovation project management reduces the risks of failure and increase innovation results. Before starting to search for partners, it is important to structure your project idea in the first place. This is also important to communicate and explain your project idea to potential partners later on:

Answering the following easy questions helps to structure your project idea before developing a professional project management together with your project partner:

What do you want to do? What is your project idea about? What will be developed and on which markets do you target?

Why is this project important for your company? Why do you want to work together with a partner?

What is the timeframe planned to finish the project?

Who and Where?

What will be done by your company and what needs to be done by a partner?