The most powerful force ever known on this planet is human cooperation - a force for construction and destruction.

Jonathan Haidt

Empirical evidence shows that relationships between firms have a high failure rate since such processes usually encounter many obstacles which are difficult to overcome, namely loss of technical know-how, asymmetrical power relations, strategic differences and at the level of establishing objectives.

Whilst large companies and a few high-tech SMEs are well equipped to communicate directly with the academic sector, many cannot access the opportunity. They often don’t know what is available, or where to go, or are unable to articulate their problem, or are simply need a timely solution.

Intermediaries can help both partners, Universities and Industry, to cope with the high level of complexity of UBC Projects.

Intermediaries can help in following areas:

  • Technology and knowledge transfer
  • Decision support
  • Networking
  • Moderation / Intermediation