Talent wins games,
but teamwork and intelligence
win championships.

Michael Jordan

Source: Pixelio.de

It is important to define the type of University partner you are looking for. What are the major factors of importance for you and the respective project idea?

  • Commercial orientation of the university
  • Financial resources for cooperation (access to funding)
  • Flexibility of partner
  • Interest in accessing business and scientific knowledge
  • Types of students
  • Short geographical distance of the university
  • Existence of mutual trust and commitment
  • Prior relations
  • Financial incentives

The role of knowing your personal objectives and those of your partners cannot be overstated and it is emphasised in numerous cases, irrespective of collaboration type.

Define internal resources and competences

Business should ensure that UBC project manager has adequate understanding of both technological and business aspects of the project. Additionally, involving employees with academic background can help navigate the complex decision mechanisms at universities that are common barriers for successful UBC projects. For example, many technology-intensive businesses tend to have a unit consisting of people with PhD and research experience managing UBC partnerships.

To choose the right internal team, you first need to define what type of cooperation you are looking for a:

Types of Cooperation

  • Innovation and product development
  • Practical training of staff
  • Organised recruitment of students
  • Seminars and conferences
  • financial support for a higher education institution

Your internal team members should be chosen with regard to their role inside your company and their knowledge of the related topics.