With the rise of the third mission in universities, technology transfer offices (TTOs) and corporate relationship offices were established at many universities in order to mediate between the academic and business stakeholders. TTOs (and KTT offices, knowledge and technology transfer offices) are primary dedicated to the protection, management, and commercialisation of knowledge (intellectual property, IP) generated at academic institutions. The offices are rather transaction-oriented which means that IP is often generated within the academic institution or in a consortium of institutions with the idea to protect the knowledge in order to sell/license it afterwards to a business. Compared to this, corporate relationship offices aim to engage at a very early stage of research and establish trusting, long-term oriented and mutually beneficial relationship with business. While most of the TTO and corporate relationship offices are part of the academic institutions itself, there are also examples where technology transfer, corporate relationship and similar offices are outside of the university (e.g. funded by the region).


This submodule comprises the following sections:

1.5.1 Motivation and goals

1.5.2 Events offered by intermediary organisations

1.5.3 Standard agreements / contracts