Despite the conflict of interest between academic values and goals, and those of business, academics are motivated to work with business in order to generate certain benefits. Davey (2015) provides the most extensive list of benefits for university staff, structured by strategic capital, network capital, cultural capital, and economic capital. Businesses willing to work with academics should be aware of these benefits and check a) which of these benefits the individual academic is interested in, and b) how (parts of) these benefits could be realised in the collaboration. See appendix 1 for more information on the individual benefits academics are looking for.

Davey (2015) also highlights benefits for the academic’s university, for students, as well as for society. Given that academics are also taking into account benefits generated for other stakeholders when evaluating (potential) industry collaborations (Kliewe, 2015), business staff should also take these into account when aiming to “win” academics to collaborate with them.