This Training Course aims to provide Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with the skills they need to effectively engage with Higher Education Institution (HEI) research.

The implementation of greater innovation in SME is vital to fulfilling not only Europe’s economic objectives but also those of a more equal and productive society with higher social and economic integration.

There are 5 module of content designed to improve your ability to establish collaborative partnerships for innovation transfer with HEIs. These are:

  1. Understanding Academia
  2. Understanding and Presenting your Needs
  3. Growing your Collaborative Competences
  4. Understanding Horizon 2020 Funding
  5. How to initiate Contact with a Higher Education Institute (HEI) and Demonstrate Capacity

Module 6 comprises an exam of 10 questions which if passed will generate a Certificate of Completion that will be emailed to you automatically. You can then print or save your Certificate of Completion on your computer. Module 6 is not compulsory and you are able to follow the course without registration.

Each of the five modules is stand alone and can be followed in any order you wish, though if you are doing the full course we suggest you complete them in the order presented.

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Selected SME Innovation Training Course Participants