Innovation Alliance is delivered by a cross-sectoral partnership representing the higher education sector, non-profit private and public enterprise development agencies, and SMEs. Our common denominator is a strong commitment to collaborative working and innovation promotion, while care has been taken to ensure that HEIs are represented by their research centres with established links to SMEs and varied specialisms.

The partnership arose as a result of prior collaboration in SUPORT and Innovative Trainer, so partners already enjoy strong communication and have built significant social capital within the partnership and outwards to their respective networks of influence.

Activities within the project have been assigned to partners based on a strict analysis of their competences.

Louth County Councillouth-logo will manage the project. A public agency dedicated to developing the SME sector, it has over 20 years experience supporting small enterprises and, through it’s former County Enterprise Board, as lead organization in SUPORT, has acquired indepth knowledge of HEI-SME collaboration.

Newry and Mourne Cooperative Ltd (NMC)nmea-logo brings decades of experience in high profile enterprise development programmes specialising in innovation. Its excellent track record in managing complex, multi-actor projects makes it ideally suited to lead the Territorial Innovation Alliances. Their links to hundreds of client SMEs allows them to contribute significantly to pilot testing.

Mindshare Consultinglogo_MSC_2015022401 is an SME focussing on new pedagogical approaches; its Director is a recognised authority in innovation education and so will deliver WP4, development of SME training content.

Canice ConsultingCanice-logo is a small business specialising in online learning and digital marketing. It will coordinate the technical transfer of SME training content, and act as webmaster, providing technical support for Dissemination and Exploitation.

The University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN)UIIN_LOGO_2014 will be the lead partner responsible for the dissemination and exploitation of the project and its results. As a leading network in the area of university-industry interaction, UIIN has a unique competence to understand and bring together both, science and business.

marcaUPV_home61Universitat Politecnia de Valencia (UPV) actively works with entrepreneurs, commercial spinoffs and SMEs especially in the ICT field. Their academic credentials enhance their leadership of WP7, the comparative study of HEI to SME innovation transfer methodologies.

univ-logoUniversitatea Politehnica din Bucurest (UPB) will coordinate the pilot test, making best use of their longstanding links to dozens of manufacturing enterprises in Romania and beyond, as well as the pedagogical expertise essential to analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the course and making appropriate recommendations.

univ2-logoUnivations will be responsible for Quality Assurance and Evaluation. A research institute which acts as a bridge between academia and enterprise, no other partner has greater experience in direct work each of the end user groups.

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