Innovation Toolkit is now available!

Creating innovation is one of the hardest things to do, especially on your own. Over the past two years, the European Commission funded the initiation of four Innovation Alliances throughout Europe. The key learnings of these alliances have been brought together in an Alliance Toolkit, consisting out of a ‘How to guide’ and more than 50 documents and other material to initiate alliances throughout Europe. You can now benefit from this, please click here to access and download the toolkit, or use the embedded version below. To read further on the toolkit and how to use it, please click here.

Territorial Innovation Alliances – UK, by newryandmournecoop

What is it for?

This free and open source toolkit aims to provide organizations and individuals a detailed guideline they can use in launching their own innovation alliances. The toolkit material clustered under three interlinked sets of resources gives the participants the opportunity to explore relevant concepts, contexts, and methodologies involved in the alliance building process. Collected during the emergence of existing innovation alliance partnerships, shared documents also reflect the stages of project development over the past two years.


What does the toolkit include?

  • Resources to be used in getting to know the project team and familiarizing with the EU innovation policy context that prepared the platform for the Innovation Alliance project
  • Materials outlining the elements of a successful innovation alliance, as well as a number of useful practical resources such as work plans, templates, samples of flyers, brochures, and banners
  • Overview of the four types of innovation alliances – Cross Border, National, City-Region, and the Sectoral – along with the complementary descriptions of the active innovation alliance partners representing these models


How to use it?

The toolkit provides valuable resources not only to the stakeholders who are engaged in a new innovation alliance establishment process but also to those who are already involved in an alliance and need support at different levels of their development. In this sense, the toolkit content can be used independently, or as a whole to facilitate the entire procedure. For more information on how to work with Pearltrees and find your way through our toolkit, please find our manual here.